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Anavar Hubei Huangshi.

Anavar is a popular drug in recent times. In the markets of many countries it is under many names, including such names as oxandrolone, oxandrin, Anavar, anatrophyll and others.

Oxandrolone course

The drug was first published in 1964. This anabolic steroid belongs to a group of drugs designed to increase the elongation and better delivery of the muscles of athletes, burning excess body fat, which increases strength performance.

It should be noted that the rate of drug use more than gains muscle mass. Anavar is the most suitable for bodybuilders with sufficient muscle mass, but who want to get rid of excess fat. Only the preparation course can be used to a greater extent in gaining muscle mass. The total duration of the course varies from 6 to 8 weeks.

During the course, it is necessary to monitor your health without interruption. If the course after 5 weeks has not revealed any abnormalities in the body and there are no side effects, the drug can be extended. After 2 days after the cancellation of the drug, it is necessary to proceed to the beginning of the course of therapy. As in most cases, this happens when using tamoxifen.

To avoid possible complications in the performance of the athlete, you should consult with a doctor and a coach before starting the course. For greater effectiveness of this drug, it is necessary to follow a special diet and take sports nutrition.

Pros of this drug

Of course, the bodybuilder has limited use of the compound, which is both a weak androgen in the most commonly used doses and unflavoured, as no noticeable effect on mass can be produced to satisfy the chemically enhanced athlete.

Therefore, it is best to note that oxandrolone is most popular among strength and weightlifters for increasing strength without increasing body weight.

This is very much appreciated as strength athletes often compete in weight classes.

It stimulates the formation of phosphocreatine, a body compound that replenishes ATP, the main energy currency of the living body.

This gives an incredible increase in short-term anaerobic performance needed for explosive activities such as short-distance running and weight lifting.

For bodybuilders, the best results are seen when oxandrolone steroids are combined with a high androgenic compound.

Either while gaining mass with flavoured products to increase strength a bit, or in combination with non-estrogenic compounds.

This steroid is most useful because it can maintain muscle mass, reduce appetite, improve muscle sharpness and maintain strength levels without creating increased androgenic risk when combined with pure androgens.

Oxandrolone is a weak steroid but is popular due to its safety. It is considered the safest of all steroids. It is even considered safe for children and patients with heaping toxicity due to alternative steroid use. It is known especially to athletes and bodybuilders who are looking for better results and safer, so their best choice is oxandrolone. It is a steroid that does not convert into estrogen, so it is the safest steroid to use.

Oxandrolone dosage

Start taking the drug with the minimum required dose, more specifically a dose of 20 mg per day. For optimal performance and action and individual suitability of the drug, its intake can be divided into several stages – for example, morning and afternoon.

In the absence of side effects and other body abnormalities, the dose can be doubled. As part of the next course of therapy received tamoxifen in a dose of 10 mg per day. This is done to restore the natural production of testosterone.

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