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Oxandrolonos: detailed description

The active substance of this drug is structurally a derivative of dihydrotestosterone with enhanced anabolic properties and weakened androgenic activity. Oxandrolone first appeared on the market back in the 1960s of the last century. It was released by Searle Laboratories under the name Anavar.

The first analogues of modern Oxandrolonos (oxandrolone) were developed exclusively for medical use. They were intended to treat anaemia, therapy for HIV-infected patients, bone strengthening and even for recovery from burns. The steroid oxandrolone became widespread among athletes only after, due to its demonstrated effectiveness as a doping agent and its wide range of action in this area.

The results obtained with Oxandrolonos are multiple improvements significant for both male and female athletes. During the course, the drug helps to increase the density and relief of musculature, enhances fat burning processes, increases strength, performance and endurance, with appropriate nutrition and training promotes the recruitment of lean muscle mass.

When taking the tablets there is an increase in the level of growth hormone.

Reviews about Oxandrolonos (10mg/tab) speak as a quality steroid product, not inferior to its analogues from other manufacturers. It goes to work quickly. The first improvements can be seen at the very beginning of the course. We highlight that the drug can be recommended for use not only for experienced amateurs and sports pros, but also for beginners and women. Its androgenic activity is not pronounced and corresponding disorders occur rarely (the risk of masculinisation is insignificant).

In general, what side effects can Oxandrolonos cause? If used correctly, practically none. Estrogenic activity is not peculiar to it, we have already mentioned androgenic activity, the toxicity to the liver of the tablets is weak. There may be some decrease of own testosterone, but this is usually easily prevented with the help of auxiliary drugs during or after the course.

Recommended storage conditions for Oxandrolonos: as a precaution, the steroid should be hidden from children and pets; the storage place for the tablets should be completely dry and dark; the temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius (within room temperature limits).

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