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Oxandroxyl with its active ingredient Oxandrolone is an oral cutting anabolic steroid used mainly for rapid muscle mass gain. The most common name for it is Anavar.

Oxandrolone is often used for a drying cycle or in the pre-competition period. It helps to enhance the effects of eliminating both abdominal and visceral fat, making it very useful for those who are bodybuilding and staying in the weight class.

Oxandroxil is one of the safest oral steroids available. Even though it is a 17-alpha-alkylated steroid, its negative effects on the liver are quite low. A good characteristic of Oxandroxil is that it only slightly affects the natural production of testosterone.

Side effects

Although Oxandroxil is an alpha-17-alkylated steroid, it has negligible toxic effects on the liver. According to studies, the use of quality Oxandrolone in dosages of 20 mg per day and a course of 12 weeks (which is almost twice as long as recommended) has no effect on liver enzyme levels, so the need for SCT is extremely rare. This steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and therefore it is not converted into estrogens, does not cause water retention in the body and gynaecomastia.

Oxandroxil side effects are extremely rare. In moderate doses, the drug does not affect the level of testosterone production by the body. If the intake rate is significantly exceeded (more than 80 mg per day), Oxandroxil reduces testosterone production by 67% at the end of a 12-week course. In cycles lasting two months or more, gonadotropins or androgenic drugs are recommended.

Reviews about Oxandroxil 20 from athletes note a significant increase in strength performance while maintaining body weight. Most of all positive reviews about this drug can be found in boxers, wrestlers and athletes. During the “loading” period, the steroid helps the body to “digest” heavy training programmes, which makes it possible to better prepare for performances.


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