Xeno Oxa 10 (Oxandrolone)




Scope of application

There is an opinion that the drug can be taken only in bodybuilding to get better results and nowhere else. But this is not true. The spectrum of its action is quite wide:

The steroid found application in medical practice – for women and children. Its reception contributes to the restoration of the skin after injuries (for example, burns). The plus of the drug is that it gently acts on the body and does not disrupt its own hormonal system.

Oxandrolone is popular among strength athletes, who connect it to their “chemification” programme and take it between more powerful courses. The properties of the anabolic allow you to preserve the earned result and exclude catabolic reactions. It turns out that the body has a rest from the main course, but the earned result remains unchanged.

Increase in strength. This approach is recommended for those athletes who plan to get a result, but at the same time do not want to leave the weight category before performances.

For drying. The peculiarity of the drug is that it does not allow muscles to “burn” under the influence of cortisol. Experienced athletes note that timely reception provides maximum relief without much harm to the body. Valued anabolic and among women, who much faster gain the expected shape.

For the first course. Oxandrolone is a reliable companion for beginners who have set serious goals, but are still afraid to take serious drugs. When the body is not yet accustomed to steroids, even a small dosage will be enough to get results.

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1 tablet, mg



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Pacchetto (60 tablets)


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