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Anavar, the active substance is Oxandrolone.

This chemical burns fat while preserving muscle mass. It can also be used to gain muscle mass, which requires more time and less results.

Anavar is an oral DHT anabolic steroid with anabolic to androgenic ratio of 322-630:24. As we can see, it is more anabolic than androgenic. The supplement enhances athletic performance, muscle mass and strength gains, and water and fat loss.

Effects of the drug:

  • Increases protein synthesis in the body.
  • Has a fat-burning effect.
  • Increases the level of growth hormone.
  • Improves muscle hardness and definition.
  • Has virtually no side effects.
  • Unflavoured.

Possible side effects:

Minor hepatotoxicity (or even lower, not pronounced at moderate doses).

Very slight suppression of natural testosterone.

Decreased gonadotropin production and testicular atrophy (only with high doses and long courses).

Extremely rare decrease in appetite, abdominal pain, blood pressure, headaches.

Side effects are virtually nonexistent if the recommended dose and course duration are not exceeded.

Anavar cycles

The duration of the Anavar cycle is about 6 weeks, at a dose of 50 mg per day (4 doses) provides a marked improvement in speed and strength without side effects.

Course duration of 6 to 8 weeks, 50 mg of Anavar, 100 mg of Propionate 100 every other day and 300-400 mg of Trenbolone 100 per week will give qualitative growth of muscle mass.

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