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Anavar does not make the user “explode” due to water retention. Instead, this oral anabolic steroid helps to build slender and sculpted muscles. In a closely related study, research has shown that Anavar can significantly reduce visceral fat in the abdominal area when supplemented with moderate exercise.

Laboratory: Saxon Pharmaceuticals

Form: Oral,

Molecule: Oxandrolone,

Concentration: 50 mg/tablet,

Form of release: 50 tablets,

Recommended dosage: 20-100mg/day.

Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Used in normal and recommended dosage, Oxandrolone does not disrupt your hormonal cycles or metabolism because it is very little aromatised and therefore does not disrupt your androgen/estrogen levels.

Oxandrolone causes fat burning and thus gives you stronger muscles and strength optimisation. Users looking to gain mass should combine it with another product that is more anabolic because oxandrolone taken alone does not provide mass gain.

A set of Oxandrolone/Dianabol, for example, will provide muscle mass gain with low water retention, which is ideal for bodybuilding, while weightlifters will turn to a set of Oxandrolone/Androlic (strong androgens) to increase strength and muscle density.


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