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Oxandrolone, as a modern drug based on this steroid, and its analogues, are currently in the greatest demand among athletes. The popularity and prevalence of the drug in sports is easy to explain – it exhibits multiple effects that, in one way or another, can be beneficial to athletes:

  • Increase in the hardness and relief of the musculature;
  • Meaningful increase in strength performance;
  • Increased growth hormone levels;
  • As well as a noticeable fat-burning effect.

It is important to realise that with all this steroid is practically free of side effects. It rightfully belongs to the safest drugs used in sports practice. In particular, there is absolutely no aromatisation inherent in this anabolic, which means that the athlete will not be disturbed by estrogenic side effects such as gynaecomastia, fatty layer growth or fluid retention.

Oxandrolone’s androgenic activity is minimal, so side effects associated with it are unlikely to occur (acne acne, sebaceous skin, hair loss, scalp hair loss – none of these side effects are common). In addition, when using moderate/recommended dosages, you should not fear a decrease in your own testosterone production. This deviation is usually observed only when taking very high doses of the drug, namely – 80 mg per day and above.

Storage conditions: after purchase on our website, storage should be carried out in a dry and dark place at room temperature. It is not recommended to expose the drug to critical temperatures or sharp temperature changes.

Course of Oxandrolone use

In sports practice, this drug is usually used in long courses to obtain quality muscle mass (relief, devoid of fat) and increase strength. At the same time, it can be effectively used by both men and women. However, female athletes are recommended only small dosages (about 10-20 mg, perhaps a little more) to protect themselves from undesirable effects.

In turn, for men, the recommended dosage of Oxandrolone is up to 80 mg per day (usually about 40-60 mg). Take tablets every day, because the drug has a fast, but not very long action – from 8 to 12 hours after taking it. The average duration of courses of this anabolic is 6 full weeks.

In solos, the use of Oxandrolone is practically not carried out. In most cases, to get the best results, athletes combine the drug with one or another steroid. The choice of a particular combination should be based primarily on the goal pursued, financial capabilities and experience of the athlete.

Oxandrolone + testosterone propionate course can be chosen by beginners who seek quality muscles and growth of strength performance. This is a relatively safe combination with excellent results that will be noticeable quite quickly. Another possible course is to combine it with stanozolol. Carefully monitor the condition of your ligaments and joints and do not overexert yourself in training during such a course to avoid injury.

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