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Oxandrolone is one of the best and safest steroids, this is due to the minimal risk of adverse reactions.

Effects of Oxandrolone Increases the hardness and definition of muscles. This is the main effect that is highly appreciated by bodybuilders. A combination course with oxandrolone during the drying phase allows you to gain muscle mass without buying any fluid accumulation.


Hypercalcaemia due to increased osteolytic bone resorption can affect the body, and when consuming Oxandroplex composition can cause a certain kind of masculinisation of the fetus. The component is insoluble in water and is relatively neutral. The component is solid and oxandrolone penetrates the cytoplasm and membrane of the human body. The 17-alpha-alkylated AAS can effectively maintain metabolic levels that appear to contrast with DHT. It is good for weight gain, which is ideal for patients suffering from the wasting syndrome associated with HIV and AIDS. It can be effective for treating growth hormone deficiency or pituitary dwarfism in children. It is a good substance for the treatment of Turner syndrome as well. Improving muscle strength and water retention is very good for physical activity. However,

Side Effects

There are various side effects of AAS. The Schedule III drug can cause gynaecomastia and aromatise estrogen metabolites. 17-alpha-alkylated AAS can also have hepatotoxic effects on the body. Any abdominal haemorrhage should be reported to medical experts as a precautionary measure.

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